Fabrica de imagine was requested for communication services that would contribute to the elimination of discrimination towards LGBT people, by the Information Centre GENDERDOC-M, the only NGO in Moldova that works in the field of defending and promoting LGBT rights.

In result of research carried and the analysis of available studies, Fabrica de imagine developed and implemented the social campaign “No fear”. One of the communication tools described by the strategy is the production and broadcasting of a campaign video spot.

The video of the campaign illustrates the process of „liberation from fear”. In this case, fear is looking like tar and the liberation from fear makes us stronger and better. The video was made by the production company of Fabrica de imagine – MILK Films.

The video has been broadcasted on some of the Moldovan TV channels with national coverage and on social media. The video has been appreciated and distributed by some media outlets from Romania. IQads.ro, a platform dedicated to communication and creative industries from Romania, published an interview with the director of the video, Eugen Damaschin.

Interview from IQads.ro: A campaign about the fear of being gay in Moldova. “It was hard. I could not find the actor. Even in the crew there were people who refused to participate.”

More info about the social campaign “No fear”: Social campaign No Fear – communication for the most discriminated social group in Moldova