An efficient external institutional communication process helps grow the reputation of the company, which is important both for the general public and for the employees, who will be more willing to send positive messages about the company they work in, if it has a good image.

One of the companies we provide communication services right from the beginning of our activity is Endava. We have been called for collaboration by the PR manager of Endava offices in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

We help Endava communicate with different targets. We communicated about the working conditions in the company recruiting process, trainings and about the internship program within Endava. We wrote about financial results and technological achievements.

However, the events we organized together with the company’s management were most popular. Each time we managed to interest media representatives to attend the event and broadcast about it. We communicated about internal events and about the company’s culture, business model and we contributed to solving unpredicted situations.

Another specific activity that we do for Endava on different occasions is the production of video spots. Usually, these are internal events, contests or sports activities. The short films are available on Youtube, and are shown in all Endava locations in the world. More details about the video production on can read under the Study cases section – Video production as a form of creative communication about the company.


The most important events organized for Endava Moldova and some of the media appearances:

Official opening of the new Endava office in Chisinau

  1. (video) Endava inaugurated in Moldova an office with 9 floors!
  2. The IT company Endava inaugurated today the new office in Chisinau, having a turnover of 29,8 million pounds or 37 mil euro
  3. Endava opened a new office in Moldova
  4. An IT company creates 70 new jobs for young professionals
  5. The IT company Endava opened its new office in Moldova
  6. Informational technologies sector is on ascendant trend in Moldova


Endava Open Day 2014 and the press meeting with Endava top management

  1. Open Day at Endava
  2. Endava opened its doors to be closer to the IT specialists
  3. How to work for Endava
  4. Endava Open Day or where IT professionals should go
  5. A spotlight in the Moldovan IT sector
  6. Endava meets its future employees at the event Endava Open Day
  7. Endava Chisinau invites at the event „Endava Open Day”
  8. One of the most important IT companies in Moldova organizes an open day event