Fabrica de imagine is a strategic communications company. Before coming with solutions, we research. After their implementation – we measure.

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Types of communication services we provide – in 5 work stages



Any good communication is based on research. Depending on the issue the company is facing and its medium and long term objectives, we decide on what type of research conducted. We test messages and visual identity elements, evaluate activities or projects. The research gives information about the company’s market position, products and messages target audience, buying habits, brand positioning particularities.



There are a few types of strategies in communication. At Fabrica de imagine, by strategy we refer to the communication strategy. We also do impact prognosis (of activities, product launch, messages etc.) and give recommendations for the management efficiency. Another service, the campaign strategy has the purpose of promoting a product, an event, a candidate etc. The companies can contract us for different tasks, for the full package of services or for specific activities.



Communication is the phase when we implement the strategy action plan. Communication activities include organizing press conferences, public and corporate events, writing press releases, media pitch, articles, photo and video reports, placement in newspapers, magazines, organizing the presence in TV shows, social media management etc. We chose the most appropriate and effective communication instruments, depending on the company’s issue. The tools set we use is different for each company.



Continuous monitoring of the impact of our activities helps us be better and be oriented on problem solving. For the companies we work with, the monitoring is an efficiency proof of the communication. We have 2 forms of monitoring. One is the media monitoring report that we provide a few hours after an event or the broadcast of a message to the media. The second is a full report of implementation. On demand, we do the media monitoring of the main competitors.



At the end of each project or of an important phase of a project we do a final implementation report. The reporting is a method of keeping the track with the company’s external environment, and also a portfolio of activities implemented during a certain period of time. In case of delaying of some activities, the activity reports help us be coherent and to continue the communication exactly from where it left. For the companies we work, the report is a document that informs and keeps the management up to date with the details of the work completed by the communication company.

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