Fabrica de Imagine – a good communication company

The market of communication services in Republic of Moldova includes a few important players, among which is the company Fabrica de Imagine, founded in 2012 by Anastasia Primov. This company is an important agent for implementation of viral campaigns due to its creativity, strategy and expertise in the field of Human Rights protection. Through the services it provides, Fabrica de Imagine helps people, institutions and companies to communicate more efficiently, gain the trust of others and advocate for better life in Republic of Moldova.

Among our clients and partners in social campaign implementation are diplomatic missions and International Organization, such as British Embassy in Chisinau, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Romania in Moldova, US Embassy in Chișinău, International Labor Organization and World Health Organization. We also offer communication support to Public Institutions. Among our beneficiaries are the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Equality Council, Social Investment Fount, Ministry of Health, Labor and Social protection.

Last Projects

24 FRONTLINE - Ediții speciale

Advocacy media formats

24 FRONTLINE - Sezonul 1

24 FRONTLINE - Sezonul 1

Communication strategy of the national social campaign „Fără frică” (No fear) on behalf of GENDERDOC-M – the first NGO working in the field of protecting the rights of LGBT people;

Communication strategy of the Parliament of Republic of Moldova, supported by UNDP Moldova as an institutional support for central authorities;

National Communication Strategy for Prevention of Discrimination and Ensuring Equality on behalf of the Equality Council of Moldova, funded by Council of Europe, office in Moldova;

National Communication Strategy for promoting European Union values and advantages in Moldova – funded by the British Embassy to Chisinau (internally called „Winning hearts and minds”).

The company’s team is composed of people with diverse academic backgrounds. The team members, organized in 4 departments, are sociologists, communication experts, designers, philologists and audiovisual experts. United by the passion for communication and the confidence in the possibility of social change.